Maniacal 4 is ‘four great musicians telling one unified, inspiring musical story after another…project[ing] a clear, unified, uplifting and committed musical vision on par with great CHAMBER ensembles.’ (Alex Iles). From traditional to tongue-in-cheek, the trombone quartet continually seeks to stretch concepts of musical performance in creative and relatable ways.

Combining brass, percussion, piano, singing and more, M4 offers a buffet of musical tastes from around the world and different time periods. M4 also enjoys performing with concert bands, choirs, and rhythm sections, seamlessly blending classical, pop, jazz and rock music into a single, immersive, experience. Frequent collaborators, the group loves creative endeavors and new challenges. Called ‘a force to be reckoned with’ (Michael Davis), the group has performed at music festivals on three continents, working with students of all ages at schools and universities.

To encourage people that music-making is possible in any setting and on any level, M4 started a YouTube video series called ‘Hotel Jams’ – songs played by ear and simply arranged in casual, everyday environments. Sketches of the arrangements are free to download at M4 concerts frequently feature improvised programming, audience requests, guest artists, and audience participation.

From recent collaborations with youth choirs, to a string/vocal septet of O Holy Night, to a sixteen-trombones-and-rhythm performance of Led Zeppelin in Rotterdam, M4 believes music is a side of the human experience to be explored and shared with all.

Maniacal 4 is sponsored by Buffet Group USA and DANSR, Inc., and performs exclusively on Antoine Courtois Paris trombones and Denis Wick mouthpieces.